Sepak Industries Largest Cook Chill System!

Posted on 28 Apr, 2016

Ever heard of a 1000kg Cook Chill System for low temperature slow cook? Sepak Industries proudly present our largest Cook Chill system with 1000kg product cooking and chilling capacity. This is achieved from our commitment to Research and Development and continual improvement of our Food Processing systems while maintaining a reliable and high quality products.

Cook Chill Systems by Sepak

These Cook Chill systems incorporate Sepak Industries Automation system for ease of use.


  • Australian design and Australian made
  • No hot spot, UNIQUE Dynamic fluid circulation is the secret of Sepak Industries Cook Chill systems which ensures that the hot water is circulated all around the products
  • All stainless steel internal components including valves, hence can be CIP (Clean In Place)
  • Built in paperless chart recorder
  • High efficiency heat exchanger/s
  • One touch control or fully customizable with recipe based computer program


  • Cook only or Cook and Chill
  • Removable Tumble drum with removable cooking shelves
  • Hot and Cold water recovery tanks fully integrated into the control system
  • Any size cook tank
  • Multiple cook tanks with single controller to save cost