Sepak Sous Vide Machine Australia

SEPAK Industries are suppliers of top quality commercial sous vide machine Australia made. We been manufacturing commercial sous vide machines in Australia since 1989, and through years of experience and Research & Development we have developed a commercial sous vide machine to suit the application of slow cooking method.

This is a chef’s delight, our Sous Vide Machine Australia made - for precise temperature control and timer feature. Control cooking feature of Sous vide machine makes the food safe and tasty. 

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Commercial Sous Vide Machine
Commercial Sous Vide Machine
Sous – Vide Systems
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SEPAK'S Australian made Sous Vide Machine is perfect for the sous vide cooking method. This method has been adopted by the finest chef’s around the world to produce consistently safe and tasty food at an accurately determined temperature. Sous Vide Machines for low temperature...