Very Fast Processing time

Ensures all Powder goes through the Mixing head

Homogenised Product

Hygienically constructed

All stainless steel wetted partsOn wheels for ease of handling

Optional Dust Extraction Hood (no extraction fan included)




In addition to Powder Mixing duty, the following are other uses,


Suitable for Polishing Chocolate Sauces

Puree Soups and Sauces

Remix of wasted products

Emulsifying products


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SEPAK Industries Emulsifier
SEPAK Industries Emulsifier
SEPAK Industries Emulsifier
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DOWNLOAD SEPAK EMULSIFIER BROCHURE NOW   SEPAK Industries Emulsifier is designed to mix powder to liquid or liquid to liquid that are difficult to mix products it has a strong shear pump for continuous wet processes. The combination of high shearing and expanding forces in th...