Shear Mixing & Blending, Shear Pump

Sepak Industries Shear Pumps are designed to blend difficult to mix Powder to liquid or homogenising products.

  • Our shear pumps can be used for Powder Mixing, Product reconstitution, Shear blending and Product emulsification.

Contact us or call us today 02 9618 1455 if you have been trying to source a premium quality shear pump for your mixing processes.

The application of this shear pump mixer is wide ranging and include the following;

  1. Powder mixing,
  2. Chocolate polishing (the shear pump can make chocolate shinny in single pass)
  3. Oil to water emulsifying
  4. Mayonaise making
  5. Egg blending
  6. Mixing of pactum, gum etc.. To water

See our demondstration below! 

Shear Mixing
Shear Mixing
Shear Mixing & Blending
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