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Australian Made Commercial Cooking Kettles

Posted on 29 Mar, 2019
Sepak Industries based in Ingleburn NSW Australia has been designing and manufacturing stainless steel food grade Commercial cooking Kettles for over 20 years. Sepak Industries Cooking Kettles ranges from 50L capacity to 5000L or more depending on batch sizes. The heat source can be of Electricity or Steam with optional cooling system.

Australian made Counter Rotating Mixing Vessel

Posted on 29 Sep, 2018
Australian made Counter Rotating Mixing Vessel
Here is an Aussie made and Aussie designed mixing system for difficult to mix products. We design and manufacture of Australian made Counter (or contra) Rotating mixers since 2005. This type of in-tank mixing systems are excellent for products which are difficult to mix especially if the product is thick like hair removing gel or food products where a homogeneous mixing is required...