Food & Beverage Grade Filling Line

Sepak Industries a wide range of filling systems to suit individual needs. 


The beverage filling lines can be supplied as fully automatic or semi-automatic filling with volume adjustable to the range requested. There are many types of products which can be filled with Sepak Industries Filling systems some examples are: Milk, Water, Juices, Almond Milk, Soy Milk, Coffee, Edible oil, Yoghurt, Tea etc...


The food product filling range includes Plastic Pouch filling (Filling Station), Vacuum Packing and Form Fill and Seal Machines.


The insudtrial grade filling lines are for any other products which do not require food saftey standards. Our Oil filling machines are volume adjustable with multiple heads. The accruacy is very good and close to a fe grams or mililitres of the set range due to use of inline flowmeter and gear pump.

Please see our video demonstration of Sepak Industries Milk Filling Line Test


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SPCON1000 Milk Pasteuriser
SPCON1000 Milk Pasteuriser
SPCON1000 Milk Pasteuriser & Filling Line in a Container
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DOWNLOAD SPCON1000 MILK PASTEURISER & FILLING LINE IN A CONTAINER BROCHURE NOW SEPAK Industries 1000L milk pasteuriser & automated filling line in a container provides a better way for pasteurising and filling of milk in to bottles. The system is consists of milk pasteuriser, homogeniser,...