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Plate Heat Exchangers


The plate heat exchangers manufactured by Sepak Industries are one of the most energy efficient plate heat exchangers in the world. These heat exchangers are used for liquid to liquid or gas to liquid heat transfer applications.

The plate and frame type heat exchangers or Plate Heat Exchanger (PHEs) are expandable and easy to modify.

The PHEs can be used in the following heat transfer applications plus more:

Plate Heat Exchangers
  1. Water to water or Liquid to liquid
  2. Steam to water or product
  3. Airconditioning system condensers 
  4. Refrigeration system condensers or evaporators
  5. Milk cooler
  6. Heat recovery
  7. Milk pasteurisers
  8. Juice pasteurisers
  9. Cream pasteurisers
  10. And many more applications

See our Plate Heat Exchangers Specs.

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Sepak Plate Heat Exchangers

The plate heat exchanger products and services we offer are: 

  1. Design, supply and installation of new heat exchangers,
  2. Replacement gaskets
  3. Replacement plates
  4. Servicing of heat exchanger
  5. Pressure testing service
  6. Cleaning of plates

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Plate Heat Exchangers
Plate Heat Exchangers
Plate Heat Exchangers
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