Sepak Industries Cream Pasteuriser and Milk Pasteuriser to Australian Standard AS3993

Posted on 04 Oct, 2016

Automation System for Milk Pasteurisation

Sepak Industries has successfully installed and commissioned a 3000 litres per hour milk pasteuriser which can also pasteuriser 1500LPH of full cream.

The system designed and developed by Sepak Industries Australia is quite unique in that it is capable of Pasteurising six product with various pasteurisation temperatures and six out let temperatures all controlled electronically.

Milk & Cream Separator

The six products are as follows:

  1. Full cream milk, pasteurised and clarified.
  2. Full 40% fat cream to concentrated cream to 60% fat after pasteurisation.
  3. Full cream milk with separation to produce skim milk and cream.
  4. Full cream milk for cheese making with milk outlet temperature controllable with average 32C.
  5. Ice cram mix pasteurisation and holding tank.
  6. Full cream milk with pasteurisation and homogenisation.

Of course there is room for yogurt milk pasteurisation if required.

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