Australian made Counter Rotating Mixing Vessel

Posted on 29 Sep, 2018
Australian made Counter Rotating Mixing Vessel

Here is an Aussie made and Aussie designed mixing system for difficult to mix products. Sepak Industries has been leading the way in design and manufacture of Australian made Counter (or contra) Rotating Mixers since 2005. This type of in-tank mixing systems are excellent for products which are difficult to mix especially if the product is thick like hair removing gel or food products where a homogeneous mixing is required. The counter rotating mixer has 2 counter rotating mixing blades system to achieve even mixing of the product and even heating or cooling of the product.

This type of mixers can be incorporated into a cooking kettle to ensure the product, especially with vegetables and diced meat to mix and cook evenly. In this type of application we typically use high pressure dimple jacket for steam to heat through condensation method. When using steam as heating medium, Sepak Industries uses food grade plastic scrappers to prevent products burning on the tank wall. SS316 grade stainless steel is used as standard. A rotating spray ball is also supplied as standard on all our stainless steel tanks.

These can be installed in either pressure vessels or non-pressure open to atmosphere types of vessels, jacketed or no jacket depending on application. The scrappers are designed for ease of cleaning (CIP able) and easy to replace. Optional weighing system or control system or any specific requirements. Other option is a tank bottom outlet valve to ensure ingredients such as salt or sugar do not sit in the outlet if a butterfly valve was used.

Any custom designs can be achieved.

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