Red Wine Jus Production Automation System

Posted on 16 Jul, 2015

Sepak Industries has successfully completed a design, supply and installation of 120L per day Red Wine Jus system for a major commercial Catering food supplier in Sydney Australia. The system description is as follows;


The system designed was to produce approximately 1500L combination of Water, Bones, and Vegetables (note: not total quantity produced). The water may be Pre-Boiled and to be simmered at 83oC by adjusting the temperature controller. This product is expected to be cooked for a period of approximately 12 Hours. After this simmering period of 12 hours, we expect that there will be approximately 1000L of stock which is then to be pumped to a Reduction Pan. The left over fat on top of the stock can be manually removed by an operator or at the end of transfer of the stock to the reduction pan. The control system incorporates Sepak Industries’ automation system for ease of operation.

The Reduction Pan is designed to evaporate approximately 1000L of Stock and Wine combination in 12 hours to produce desired consistency of Jus (approximately 120L to 180L), and fitted with Sepak Industries designed and manufactured Hygienic Scrapped surface agitator.

Stainless  Steel Jus System


The system supplied will be supply and installation of Jus Plant as described above and consists of major components as below;

  1. 2 only 1000L Stock pots manufactured by Sepak Industries, and Bone baskets can be inserted from top.
  2. 1 only 1000L Reduction pan design and manufactured by Sepak Industries in stainless steel 316 3mm thick walls with 1.5mm dimple jacket suitable for steam application, fully welded
  3. Stainless steel 304/No.4 cladding and insulated. This tank is equipped with Sepak Industries Scrape Surface Agitator.
  4. 1 only stainless steel 316 pipe work for product transfer from Stock Pots to Reduction Pan.
  5. 1 only Sepak Industries Pty Ltd hygienic lobe pump mounted on stainless steel 304 trolley with pump on/off switch. This pump is suitable for thick products so long as the pump is primed.
  6. Heating control system for 3 vessels.
  7. 3 only Food grade stainless steel 316 hygienic manual diversion valve for Reduction pan isolation.
  8. 3 only Temperature controllers mounted on stainless steel IP56 enclosure.
  9. Stainless steel steam pipe work with steam clamps and galvanised cladded insulations.
  10. 1 only Monorail Crane for lifting bone basket, electric winch manual travel.
  11. 2 only stainless steel 304 bone baskets with bottom opening for bone discharge.
  12. Interconnecting pipe work pieces for pump,
  13. Steam pipe work, brackets and insulation in stainless steel clad for production area.
  14. Wall mounted ventilation system for the Jus production area.
  15. Supply of labour and Engineers for design, installation and commissioning of the system (3 days for commissioning and training).


  1. Dried compressed air is available.
  2. 415V 3 phase power available, sufficient to accommodate pumps, electronic components and gas steam boiler.
  3. All services within 1 m of our system.
  4. Staff amenity and safe work place is to be provided by client


The system is manufactured to food standards, as such, it can be CIP (Clean-In-Place). This system is for manual cleaning only. However, you will need to consult your chemical supplier for the optimum temperature and time required for both cleaning and sterilisation.


Product   Beef bone + vegetables, add red wine at approp. time
Product Physical properties   Similar to water
Design pressure   150 kPa
Design Temperature   115oC
Cooking time   Up to 12 hours
Evaporation time   Up to 12 hours
Compressed air required   Yes, To Be Advised (TBA)
Electricity required   Yes, 3-phase 415V, TBA
Accuracy   As per manufacturers specifications, Sepak Industries Pty Ltd will not be responsible if there were discrepancies.