Pasteuriser ain’t Pasteuriser

Posted on 30 Mar, 2016

As most of you in Dairy Industry are aware that any New Continuous Milk Pasteurisers or re installation of pre loved Milk Pasteurisers installed in Australia must comply to Australian Standard 3993. There has been many colleagues in the Dairy industry whom have bought Pasteurisers from overseas whether from Europe, North America and Asia and found themselves stuck with compliance with regulation and are unable to commission their milk pasteurisers.

The compliance cost can go into tens of thousands of dollars on top of paying expansive price of import cost and import duty. This often cost much more than purchasing an Australian made AS3993 compliance pasteurisers.

Sepak Industries Milk Pasteurisers are designed and manufactured in Australia with compliance to AS3993. The difference between the AS3993 pasteuriser and non-compliance pasteuriser is many additional safety control system and recording system. Hence often AS3993 Milk pasteurisers are more expansive. However, as Sepak Industries is the leader in Milk Pasteuriser design, their prices are actually similar or lower than imported non-compliant milk pasteurisers.

The figure below identifies the unique features of AS3993 compliance pasteuriser. Of course many more differences, contact Sepak Industries for more information on compliance matters.

Milk Pasteuriser Equipment