Choosing a suitable Food Grade Stainless Steel Pump

Posted on 16 Aug, 2016

When some liquid food products are needed to be transferred from one vessel to another, the question arises on which type of pump would do the job? 

The answer one would need to consider first and foremost is, is the pump chosen a food grade stainless steel 316 (also known as marine grade) which is designed to be able to clean easily? Can the pump be Clean In Place (CIP)? Can the pump be easily dissembled and reassembled? 

Secondly, what is the product being transferred?

  1. Thin liquid like water or low viscosity oil, low viscosity sugar syrup, apple Juice, Orange juice etc.. then usually Centrifugal pumps are suitable. For CIP return lines, the CIP –B series pumps are suitable.
  2. Thicker liquid such as Apple sauce, Tomato sauce, Honey, Cooked Foods (spaghetti sauce, pumpkin soup etc..) then choose Lobe pump. If you are after a gentle Milk pumping for cheese making then, these TUL series lobe pumps with Bi-wing rotors are the way to go because the bi-wing rotors allow for larger volume per revolution (high volume pumping) hence can be run at lower speeds.
  3. For large chunks of fruits in syrup, Piston pumps are suitable. These pistons are also suitable for high discharge pressure for up to 30 bars.
  4. To clean these pumps either CIP or manual cleaning  Rua Kura Australian made cleaning agents work very well.