Australian made milk batch Pasteurisers

Posted on 17 Oct, 2018
Australian made milk batch Pasteurisers

When purchasing a milk batch pasteurizer in any state or territories in Australia, it is a requirement from Food Authorities that they comply to Australian standards. In this article, we will discuss the specific designs of Sepak Industries Batch Pasteurisers compliance to requirements by the food authorities around Australia. Plus some unique designs which makes Sepak Industries batch pasteurisers reliable, versatile and easy to operate.

The reference used for this blog can be found on this link http://www.agriculture.gov.au/SiteCollectionDocuments/aqis/exporting/dairy/publications/anzdac-validation-heat-treatment.pdf which states the requirements of design and operation of milk continuous and batch pasteurisers in Australia. There are wealth of information available on Food authority or Food
safety web sites.

Before making decision on which batch pasteuriser to purchase, the following check list should be considered;

  • Is it compliance to Australian Food authorities requirements?
  • Is it made in Australia? This is important due to future parts and service availability. Pasteurisers imported from other countries would not meet the Australian standards on the hygienic design, construction, welding methods, the surface finish of stainless steel and most important of all the grade of stainless steel which cannot be verified but only to find out when the product contact surface begins to rust!
  • What are the product range to be made now and for near future? This is when a versatile machine like Sepak Industries batch pasteurisers offer the best value!
  • What volume of products needed to be processed?
  • Can the pasteurizer be modified to meet the future requirements? 
  • What are the options available?
  • What is the product contact parts material? It should be stainless steel 316 product contact parts but others can be SS304.
  • What is the surface finish of the batch pasteurizer internal surfaces? This food grade standards can be found here 
  • Are the stainless tubes and fittings compliance to Australian standards 1528?

The design features of Sepak Industries milk pasteurisers are shown in the photos below, there are many features included above and beyond food authority requirements. Click on the links to see further details of the components used.

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