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Custom designed Pickle Blenching, Transfer and Weight Batching continuous system

Posted on 01 Dec, 2016

Sepak Industries isan Australian owned and operated Processing Engineering Company has successfully designed, constructed, installed and commissioned a pickle blenching, batch weighing and transfer system.

Automation Systems Sepak Automation Systems Australia Automation Systems Design

The system was designed and developed between an Australian Icon in Pickles and Condiments producer called 333s Condiments and Australian owned company Sepak Industries.

The system was designed to blench a given amount of Pickled Cauliflower and pickled cucumber in a continuous manner. The batch size of the pickles were measured on a continuous conveyors which was controlled by Omeron PLC and Touch screen system.

All ingredients measured in correct amount prior to transferring to further cooking process.

The new system has saved 333s Condiments considerable amount of labour cost and floor space.

Australian Design and made Commercial Steam Electric Cooking Kettles

Posted on 01 Dec, 2016

Sepak Industries, an Australia owned and operated Processing Engineering Company has released their CK200E (200L working volume) Electric steam cooking kettles for Commercial cooking.

Cooking Kettles Australia

These electric kettles are excellent!

  • Uses 415VAC 50Hz, power supply depends on models.
  • Are great for kitchens where gas is not readily available.
  • Cheaper to install as there are no new gas lines to be installed and no chimney for gas burner.

Sepak Industries CKxxxE series Electric Steam from 50L capacity to 500L. The heating time, using water, is impressive at 60minutes from room temperature to boiling in CK200E with 200L capacity.

Cooking Kettles Sydney

The Sepak Industries CKxxxE Electric steam Kettles standard features are;

  • Stainless steel 316 product contact parts.
  • Hygienically designed and constructed kettle interior.
  • Scrapping agitator which ensures there is no product burn on.
  • Tank bottom outlet valve which ensures 100% of the ingredients are mixed.
  • 2 x removable lids, 1 lid with safety switch which shuts off the agitator when opened. The other lid is fixed with bolts only required to be removed when agitator requires servicing.
  • Automatic water level monitoring in the jacket which is interfaced with heating element to protect premature heating element failure.
  • Digital product temperature control (not steam temperature control) hence given accurate good quality food every time.

Cooking Kettle Systems

The Electric Kettles can be supplied with following options;

  • HMI colour touch screen which enables operators to save and reuse recipes where cooking temperature and cooking times can be adjusted.
  • Water batchmeter.
  • Clean-In-Place (CIP) Washing system which uses spinning spray head to spray high velocity spray within the kettle.

Sepak Industries Cream Pasteuriser and Milk Pasteuriser to Australian Standard AS3993

Posted on 04 Oct, 2016

Automation System for Milk Pasteurisation

Sepak Industries has successfully installed and commissioned a 3000 litres per hour milk pasteuriser which can also pasteuriser 1500LPH of full cream.

The system designed and developed by Sepak Industries Australia is quite unique in that it is capable of Pasteurising six product with various pasteurisation temperatures and six out let temperatures all controlled electronically.

Milk & Cream Separator

The six products are as follows:

  1. Full cream milk, pasteurised and clarified.
  2. Full 40% fat cream to concentrated cream to 60% fat after pasteurisation.
  3. Full cream milk with separation to produce skim milk and cream.
  4. Full cream milk for cheese making with milk outlet temperature controllable with average 32C.
  5. Ice cram mix pasteurisation and holding tank.
  6. Full cream milk with pasteurisation and homogenisation.

Of course there is room for yogurt milk pasteurisation if required.

Contact Sepak Industries for a very competitive quote on (02) 9618 1455.

Choosing a suitable Food Grade Stainless Steel Pump

Posted on 16 Aug, 2016

When some liquid food products are needed to be transferred from one vessel to another, the question arises on which type of pump would do the job? 

The answer one would need to consider first and foremost is, is the pump chosen a food grade stainless steel 316 (also known as marine grade) which is designed to be able to clean easily? Can the pump be Clean In Place (CIP)? Can the pump be easily dissembled and reassembled? 

Secondly, what is the product being transferred?

  1. Thin liquid like water or low viscosity oil, low viscosity sugar syrup, apple Juice, Orange juice etc.. then usually Centrifugal pumps are suitable. For CIP return lines, the CIP –B series pumps are suitable.
  2. Thicker liquid such as Apple sauce, Tomato sauce, Honey, Cooked Foods (spaghetti sauce, pumpkin soup etc..) then choose Lobe pump. If you are after a gentle Milk pumping for cheese making then, these TUL series lobe pumps with Bi-wing rotors are the way to go because the bi-wing rotors allow for larger volume per revolution (high volume pumping) hence can be run at lower speeds.
  3. For large chunks of fruits in syrup, Piston pumps are suitable. These pistons are also suitable for high discharge pressure for up to 30 bars.
  4. To clean these pumps either CIP or manual cleaning  Rua Kura Australian made cleaning agents work very well.

Australian made Commercial Cooking Kettles

Posted on 11 Jul, 2016

Sepak Industries based in Ingleburn NSW Australia has been designing and manufacturing stainless steel food grade Commercial cooking Kettles for over 20 years. Their design philosophy is based on efficiency of operation such as:

  • Labour cost saving by reduction in handling. This is usually achieved by installing transfer systems and weighing system.
  • Consistent quality of food produced by using automation system whereby recipes can be stored in memory and called up on whenever needed.
  • Every kettle larger than 100L is fitted with cleaning spray balls (2 spray balls for kettles with agitator) which can be connected to Sepak Industries food grade pump to spray cleaning agent on the interior of the kettles hence reducing need for operator to manually scrub the kettles. This system works well with Rua Kura Australian made cleaning agents.
  • Every system Sepak Industries designed is expandable for future expansion.
  • Energy efficient.

Cooking Kettles by SepakAustralian Cooking KettlesCooking Kettles 2Sepak Australian Cooking KettlesCooking Kettles Australian Made

Sepak Industries Cooking Kettles ranges from 50L capacity to 5000L or more depending on batch sizes. The heat source can be of Electricity or Steam with optional cooling system.